...I myself have been striving for several generations and several decades to propagate Hungarian culture in the world, particularly Hungarian gastronomy: my company designs and manufactures machines and production lines for baking kürtöskalács, and markets them in around 40 countries of the world.


The chimneycake is a traditional Hungarian pastry, of which written records can be found dating back to the 15th century. As far as the present is concerned, Hungary has just initiated a procedure to have the kürtöskalács declared "hungaricum", as an original, distinctively Hungarian product, even in a European context.


As in Europe, so overseas, e.g. I also have customers in the USA who use my machines to their great satisfaction. They are chiefly emigrated Hungarians, who are proud and genuinely happy to run a business with which they can still have links with the old country, and can further enhance its reputation.

And what can I do for your success?
Tóth János
Chimneycake Oven Ltd.
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